Todd & Associates | Creative Design

We utilize design process to thoroughly understand your goals and needs. To develop this understanding, our programming methods utilize you as an interactive partner.

We listen to you as the ultimate user. We center our conversations on the goal of resolving issues and creating fresh ideas responsive to your needs. Our intent is to develop projects that contribute to the success of our clients’ mission.

To achieve the above goal we use interactive Storyboard Work Sessions to facilitate your journey and accomplish your project vision. This process utilizes brainstorming to identify your challenges within a clear, comprehensive process leaving nothing to chance, or to “fall through the cracks.”

We focus on conversations about your project’s goals, facts, needs, issues and ideas to build consensus and priorities for action. The results provide a clearly delineated direction and a solid foundation reflecting the very best thinking from which your ultimate program is crafted.

Most importantly, the results of this approach give you a quick, efficient, cost-effective and thorough way to focus your resources to accomplish your project mission within your ultimate vision.