Prairie Rose Center Williston

Client: Cardon Global

Location: Williston, North Dakota

Unique in all aspects, this diverse, elaborate project entails the redevelopment of the existing regional airport, Sloulin Field. In the heart of this 800-acre Master Plan, Todd & Associates teamed with Cardon Global to design a 143,000 sq. ft. civic center and 4-story, 125-room, Marriott’s new Delta brand hotel. At the City & State of Williston’s request, this development will have an urban planning component to it’s design. First of its kind in the region, it will be a demonstration project for creating vibrant public spaces that are desired destination spots. The streets will be lined with restaurants, retail, social gathering space and ample streetscape to draw people in. It will encourage alternative transportation, such as biking and walking and have a pedestrian feel. Adding to the urban plan, this development is designed to frame an outdoor park, providing social space for the community. This park will feature an skating pavilion with track and rink as well as a 5,000 seat amphitheater for summer concerts & events.

Conference & Hospitality

Along with education, tourism is one of the largest industries worldwide. Traditionally, hotel and convention center architecture tends to look more like office building architecture in most cases. At Todd & Associates, our designs for conference and hospitality projects focus on the four C’s that accommodate business and leisure travelers: Connection between people and place, engaging the environment Comfort, both physical and psychological Choice of accommodations Convenience through amenities offered These elements, combined with our stringent sustainability practices, produce remarkable results of enduring design, whether for high-end conference centers, resorts or boutique hotels.