Who or what inspired you to become an architect or designer?
The emotional response that architecture can elicit when you combine the creative intent of the built environment with people….standing near the exterior glass curtain of a tower in Seoul, my stomach in my throat, scared and thrilled to be 60 stories up… or visiting a family temple, captivated by vibrant colors, intricate interlocking wood members whose construction secrets are passed down to generation to generation with the haunting guttural chants from the nearby monks… or the stunning acoustical perfection achieved by a small group of tourists sing a hymnal in a hard, damp cathedral, transforming the space into the incredible space as intended.

What is your favorite thing about design – and why?
The process because each project is different because each client is different. The uniqueness comes in how you deconstruct the conversations with the client to identify the problem, and then working with a team to develop the strategies to solve the problem.

Describe a design project you’re working on right now, whether professional or personal, that you’re especially proud of—and why?
I really am proud of our affordable housing projects. TAI has worked on affordable housing long before it was on the evening news. That’s integrity. The conversations and the strategy behind each project, helping to define what affordable housing really is and how it responds to the needs of many communities is a great success story of grit and heart.

What advice would you give women who are just entering or considering a career in architecture?
Work hard but be fair to yourself. We are each works in progress. Women in our industry want to prove ourselves to other women, and to our male peers, and to our harshest critic… self. Sometimes we spend so much time being critical of self, that we miss the incredible journey along the way that is filled with friendship, mentorship and the ever constant battle we all seek in finding balance.


What was your first passion for architecture? (or in the business world).
I have always had a passion for learning and understanding how the world around me works.

What drives you every day?
The desire to be an honest, forthright, genuine, and kinder human being propels me.

Outside the office, what do you enjoy doing/hobby?
I savor baking, gardening, reading, writing, learning, and the unmistakable lure to new experiences.

What is one thing you know now about women in the work place that you would love to inspire other women with?
Sir Isaac Newton once stated, “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” Meaning, it’s unwise to take for granted the progress made by those who came before us. While this is important, it is equally important to not become complacent and to continue their work.

What accomplishment are you most proud of in your career?
My transition from an Assistant, to a Billing Clerk while working for a car dealership. The jump from ‘front end’ operations to ‘back end’ operations challenged and empowered me.