Encanto Pointe

Client: Native American Connections

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Project Type: Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC)

Located on a 1.86 acre site within Encanto Village, Encanto Pointe is a for-rent multi-family residential community designed to serve the chronically homeless. The project is the first new-build “Housing First” project for the state of Arizona. The site consists of a single building housing 54 one-bedroom units designed around a secured community courtyard. Amenities include a recreation/leasing center, community room/kitchen, laundry facility, fitness center, mail room, business center, and barbeque areas.

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing, why do we do it? A core value of TAI is to “Make A Difference”. We have a responsibility to improve the lives not only of ourselves, but to those of our community... today and for years to come.