Encanto Pointe

Client: Native American Connections

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Project Type: Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC)

Located on a 1.86-acre site within Encanto Village, Encanto Pointe is a 54-unit supportive housing project designed to serve the chronically homeless and low-income individuals supported by Section 8 vouchers. Encanto Pointe was the first new-build Housing First project for the state of Arizona. Encanto Pointe was designed according to Housing First’s principles, a set of strategies aimed at first establishing permanent housing for homeless people and then providing them with social services rather than moving them between various shelters and service providers. Each of the 54 one-bedroom units is housed within a one-story building and designed around a secure community courtyard. Amenities include a community room/kitchen, fitness center, laundry facility, and business center. Residents can relax or grill in one of its courtyards with BBQ areas or play basketball on one of the two courts.

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing, why do we do it? A core value of TAI is to “Make A Difference”. We have a responsibility to improve the lives not only of ourselves, but to those of our community... today and for years to come.