Bell Mirage Estates


Community Services of Arizona, Inc.


Surprise, Arizona

Project Type

Low-Income Housing Tax Credit




2.25 P.S./D.U.

Bell Mirage Estates is a 60-unit affordable housing project owned and developed by Community Services of Arizona (CSA), a nonprofit organization. CSA’s focus is to strengthen the safety of at-risk individuals and families and integrate them into the community. The project’s 5-acre site provides a pedestrian link to the adjacent Lizard Run recreational area. The 60 units are designed in a townhouse configuration, orienting units to the street, sidewalks, indoor amenities, and neighboring parks. Each of the community’s 12 buildings house 4 to 6 units of two or three bedrooms. Amenity space includes a clubhouse, business center, landscaped courtyards with BBQ and lounge seating, and children’s playground.

Architecturally the buildings are designed as traditional, flat-roofed desert dwellings. The composition of buildings of different sizes and varied accent colors further creates a village character where internal front doors orient to an inviting green space and recreation complex at the core of the community.

Affordable Housing

Over our 40 year history of design for multifamily residential, senior living, and student housing communities, our passion and mission have paralleled the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program in promoting quality, affordable housing to low-income individuals and families. Our services include comprehensive involvement through all phases of a project’s development

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