Compass Christian Church New Worship Center

Client: Compass Christian Church

Location: Chandler, Arizona

With a vision to reach and transform the lives of the community, Compass Christian Church is expanding its 25.6-acre campus. The new design expresses the church’s commitment to the community by providing significant outdoor gathering spaces and amenities (Field of Dreams) linking the new worship center in the center of campus to the student center (The Bridge) and the children’s center. The new 45,000 sq. ft., 2,000 seat worship center was designed with the church’s desire for a modern, authentic, open feel. A 3,000 sq. ft. café will promote fellowship and a sense of place/connection between the existing children’s building and worship center. To improve its street presence, enhanced signage, and a braided stream water feature was implemented in the center of the campus. An additional 500 parking spaces will be added to create a total of 1,159 spaces.

Worship Communities

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