Ladera del Norte


Cardon Development Group


Phoenix, Arizona

Project Type

Low-Income Housing Tax Credit




1.0 P.S./D.U.

Ladera del Norte is a unique 30-unit independent living community that provides seniors with affordable housing, with a portion of the units reserved for victims of elder abuse. The community is fully gated, providing a secure living environment. Ladera del Norte is nestled into the base of the North Mountain Preserve and blends beautifully with the Sonoran backdrop. The two residential buildings are oriented to allow for splendid views of the mountainside overlooking downtown Phoenix or the adjacent desert landscape.

The design strategically positioned each unit to maximize the surrounding views through large picture windows in each living room. The Community Center allows residents to entertain friends and neighbors with a great room, kitchen, and outdoor patio. The community also offers ample open space with courtyards, meandering walkways, seating areas, and lush landscaping.

Affordable Housing

Over our 40 year history of design for multifamily residential, senior living, and student housing communities, our passion and mission have paralleled the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program in promoting quality, affordable housing to low-income individuals and families. Our services include comprehensive involvement through all phases of a project’s development

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