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Chandler, Arizona






1.96 P.S./D.U.

Located in Chandler’s heart, near an array of restaurants and shopping, Town Chandler provides a modern, urban environment for residents. This 420-unit multi-family development is characterized by clean lines, open floor plans, and a connection to the outdoors. The breeze block accents create a mid-century, modern design. Town Chandler cultivates a lifestyle built around community interaction. In the center of the development, a 2-story clubhouse is interconnected to a series of large social courtyards, the leasing office, fitness center, and “Uber lounge.” This 0.5-acre amenity space was designed as the hub of the community offering several social and entertainment opportunities. The pool is surrounded by a yoga fitness lawn, fire pit lounge, outdoor kitchen, gaming lawn, entertainment pavilion, and several lounge spaces. This 3- and 4-story gated community has two additional amenity areas conveniently located on the east and west side of the development with an outdoor kitchen, game lawn, and fire pit lounge space. The amenity space on the west side also includes a second pool with an interactive water feature.

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Over the years, our award-winning residential planning and design has included a diverse range of housing types, including mixed-use, multi-family, college and university housing communities. Today, we are heading toward a marketplace that will focus on location, amenities, perceived value and lifestyle, where successful new developments will offer unique, resort-like, technology-driven destinations and living environments. And Todd & Associates is leading the way.

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