Treasure House


Treasure House


Glendale, Arizona


Garden-Style Walk Up




1.00 P.S./D.U.

Through the efforts of First Things First Foundation, Todd & Associates worked collaboratively with their team to design a Christian-based supported living community known as Treasure House. Treasure House is a 24/7 on-site support community that serves the needs of high functioning individuals with developmental disabilities as well as those on the autism spectrum while creating an environment that encourages independence and self-advocacy. This 2-story community includes 24 residences and 6 staff individual apartment units with a private bathroom, kitchenette, and living space. Common space was a large component in the design, providing ample life skills opportunities for residents. This includes a spacious fitness center, a large kitchen for residents to prepare meals together, and an inviting dining room. Other activity-based amenities include a theater room, game room, creative arts classrooms, and a library/computer room. Outdoor space comprises a basketball court, amphitheater, and splash pad. Additionally, Treasure House partnered with the neighboring Aspera retail/commercial development to provide volunteer opportunities, shopping, and recreation for residents.

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