Camden Tempe II


Camden Property Trust


Tempe, Arizona


Mixed-Use Urban




1.54 P.S./D.U.

Camden Tempe II is a 4-story, 397-unit upscale multi-family community. The decidedly contemporary design features clean lines and a simple palette of elegant materials. Situated on Curry & College Avenue, it has an impressive street presence with a pedestrian-oriented plaza. Shaded walkways and manicured landscapes provide opportunities for residents to interact or relax. The grand entry has a 2-story volume with units above. This community promotes a village environment with close access to retail and entertainment. Several pedestrian entrances to the community encourage residents to walk or bike to the nearby retail, trails, or Tempe Town Lake. As an added amenity, there is a bike repair/storage station. The 2-story clubhouse grand in scale serves the residents’ needs with a fitness center, lounge, and coffee bar. These inviting spaces encourage residents to be active and socialize with other residents. The pool was designed as an entertainment space featuring a gaming area, outdoor kitchen, lounge seating, and private cabanas. The dog park provides opportunities for pets and their owners to play and interact.

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