Elevation at the Village


Vedura Residential


Gilbert, Arizona






1.56 P.S./D.U. (Surface, Garages)

Developing another high-end, urban community in the prime and growing area in Gilbert, Elevation at the Village is a 214-unit contemporary multi-family community. Designed to compliment and support the surrounding retail, restaurants, and community, its design promotes a strong, attractive, urban edge. Along SanTan Village Parkway, the architecture and landscape provide a strong, inviting street frontage for residents and pedestrians. The focal point of the community is the large pool with an entertainment deck featuring several lounging areas and spaces to socialize. The entertainment pavilion has a BBQ station, TV, and couches. These spaces tie together seamlessly and reinforce the social component of this community. The 2-story clubhouse has a social lounge, bike storage/repair shop, clubroom, and a 2-story fitness center. There is also a dog wash, dog park, and additional BBQ area within the community.

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