Glendale Civic Center


City of Glendale


Glendale, Arizona


Civic Center

Located in historic downtown Glendale, The Glendale Civic Center is a prime destination for conferences, meetings, and events. With over 40,000 SF of flexible space both inside and outdoors, the civic center can be set up for large public venues to small private events. Extensive public involvement, generation of alternative designs, and adherence to strict budget parameters were all part of the design services provided for this 31,350 SF civic center. The Civic Center is the core of two surrounding courtyards and public promenades, creating programmable space for public event venues and activities from smaller private functions to larger celebrations in garden-like settings.

Columns supporting a majestic metal-domed structure create a sense of prominence and identity upon arrival. Once inside, a dramatic granite rotunda with soaring limestone columns welcomes visitors to the center and serves as the lobby leading to the 12,788 SF ballroom with seven additional conference rooms. The two courtyards, 12,000 SF in size, are lushly landscaped and convertible to various venues and events. Photo credit: City of Glendale

Conference & Hospitality

Along with education, tourism is one of the largest industries worldwide. Traditionally, hotel and convention center architecture tends to look more like office building architecture in most cases. At Todd & Associates, our designs for conference and hospitality projects focus on the four C’s that accommodate business and leisure travelers:

  • Connection between people and place, engaging the environment
  • Comfort, both physical and psychological
  • Choice of accommodations
  • Convenience through amenities offered

These elements, combined with our stringent sustainability practices, produce remarkable results of enduring design, whether for high-end conference centers, resorts or boutique hotels.

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