Maui Coast Hotel


Sakagami Corporation


Kihei, Maui, Hawaii



Guest Rooms


Maui Coast Hotel is one of Kihei’s premier full-service hotels and offers the best of Maui at your doorstep; the grounds are beautifully landscaped with lush trees, shrubs, and exotic flowers. Located in a prime area, the 268-suite, 380,000 SF resort lies adjacent to a 6 mile stretch of beaches. At 7 stories tall, the hotel offers incredible views throughout the property. An array of services include a full-service concierge, resort-style pool, sundeck, and fully-equipped fitness center. Architectural design services provided by Todd & Associates include an open-air lobby and gift shop, tennis courts, pool, and restaurant and lounge. The Ami Ami restaurant and lounge offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and is located at the hotel property’s entry.

Conference & Hospitality

Along with education, tourism is one of the largest industries worldwide. Traditionally, hotel and convention center architecture tends to look more like office building architecture in most cases. At Todd & Associates, our designs for conference and hospitality projects focus on the four C’s that accommodate business and leisure travelers:

  • Connection between people and place, engaging the environment
  • Comfort, both physical and psychological
  • Choice of accommodations
  • Convenience through amenities offered

These elements, combined with our stringent sustainability practices, produce remarkable results of enduring design, whether for high-end conference centers, resorts or boutique hotels.

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